Movies1 (from 1991 to 1998)

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Movies1 (from 1991 to 1998)

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:21 pm

1991 Shout - Rebecca
Hook - Young Wendy Darling
1993 Deadly Relations - Carol Ann Fagot
Malice - Paula Bell
Flesh and Bone - Ginny
1994 Mrs. Parker and
the Vicious Circle - Paula Hunt
1995 Higher Learning - Student
Jefferson in Paris -Patsy Jefferson
Se7en - Tracy Mills
Moonlight and Valentino - Lucy Trager
1996 Emma- Emma Woodhouse
Out of the Past -Sarah Orne
Sliding Doors -Helen Quilley
Great Expectations -Estella
Hush- Helen Baring
A Perfect Murder- Emily Bradford Taylor
1998 Shakespeare in Love - Viola De Lesseps


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